Setup a New Wallet

Learn how to setup a new Kukai wallet step-by-step. (est. ~5-10 min)

Wallet Setup Overview

Creating a new Kukai wallet requries a few simple steps, ~5-10 minutes of your time, and proper storage for long term security.

  1. Launch the Kukai Wallet app.

  2. Write down your seed phrase and store in a secure location.

  3. Encrypt your wallet file with a unique password.

  4. Download your encrypted wallet and save a backup copy!

Just like that, we'll have you setup with a secure Tezos wallet! Take your time to record, verify, and store your keys in a safe place. We will help guide you through this process.

_This guide covers software wallet setup on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. There will be minor differences on different screen resolutions. Users with Nano Ledger hardware wallets should read Connecting Ledger. _

1. Launch the Kukai Wallet

  • _Launch the app by typing '**' **into your browser's address bar. Alternatively you can use the **'Launch Kukai Wallet' ** link in the Kukai Docs navigation bar. _ __

  • Select **New Wallet **from the start page.

Best Practice: Always manually type in a web wallet URL. Never click on hyperlinks from the web or social media. This is a common attack vector to steal your funds.

2. Backup Your Seed Phrase

**Write down your seed words **and store them in a secure location. Click Next when ready!

What are seed words?

The seed words are an unencrypted backup of your wallet. If you ever lose your encrypted keystore file or password, these seed words can be used to fully restore your wallet and accounts. Because the seed words are not encrypted you should avoid keeping a copy of them electronically, instead they should be stored physically (e.g. a piece of paper or something more durable).

Storing the seed words in any electronic form, including pasting them into the clipboard, will come with several risks and should be avoided. Best practice is to write them down and store safely. A hardware device such as a Ledger Nano S provides an even greater layer of protection and should be used whenever the amount you are storing is important to you. Using the wallet in a browser with untrusted browser extensions is discouraged.

3. Verify your Seed Words

Before continuing we need to verify the seed words were accurately recorded. You will be asked to enter five randomly chosen seed words. Enter each word then select **Next **if successful.

_Why isn't the word I am entering accepted? _

Only correct words are accepted and proceed you to the next entry. If you can't proceed it is best to click the **Cancel **button to generate new seed words. Repeat the verification process when you are ready.

4. Encrypt Wallet Data

To encrypt your wallet safely a strong password needs to be set. The password indicator will display **“Password strength – Strong!” **when the password is strong enough. We highly recommend using a unique password that you have never used before.

**5. Download Encrypted Wallet **

After the password has been set, you will be asked to download your encrypted keystore file. Store this in a secure location you can access whenever you need to access your Tezos wallet.

The password or private key(s) will never be stored unencrypted within the Kukai Wallet, and you will therefore always be asked for your password when the highest privileges are needed (e.g. signing a transaction).


Still need help?

If you are still having trouble with your Kukai wallet join us on our Telegram channel at Caution Telegram direct messages are used by scammers. Only message in public channels with moderators.

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